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Shaving my head

A small part of me had always bestowed a flickering desire to depart completely with my long hair. Well, since the age of about 14 anyway. However, it still seemed like a huge step to take and therefore took me a long time to muster up what little courage I had to take the plunge and shave my head. Now 25 I decided it was time. The first task was to set a date and with the approach of summer, May seemed like the ideal time. I soon realised however that I needed something more. Something that would stop me bailing out. And thus I decided to raise funds for Stand Up for Africa, a charity my partner had made me aware of. I was wonderfully shocked by just how generous everyone seemed to be, and how my public shearing was capturing their imagination.

The big day finally arrived. A few of my close friends had decided to come and support (or jeer at) me, which in reality only made me more nervous. My friend had set up a make-shift salon in his front room, which consisted of a chair, an old pair of curtains, and what looked like a dog blanket. First my hair was raked up into a ponytail and then ceremoniously hacked off. Everyone joined in, cutting bits off here and there while 2 of the party filmed and took photos. After a short while I could hear the impending sound of the electric clippers behind my right ear. There was no going back now. Hair fell left, right and centre. The sensation was not too unpleasant; rather like having a strange head massage. Once it was all gone however, I noticed just how chilly the air was that day. I checked the mirror and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw (though for a split second had thought I was looking through a window rather than into a mirror). With my bald head held high, I marched off in the direction of the pub for a well-deserved beer.

If you'd like to sponsor me for what I did, you can do so here: http://www.justgiving.com/Stand-Up-JP and/or here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Jen-shaves-her-head


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